Swan Stabilo – Carb Othello Pastel Pencils -Single



These Stabilo pastel pencils are available in 60 beautiful colours. They can be blended and smudged with fingertips or a blending stump. They also come out brilliantly on darker coloured papers. The lighter pencils are particularly good for highlighting. These pencils are partially aquarellable, meaning you can blend with a wet paint brush, with the contours from drawing still visible.

Charcoal-like feel
Highly pigmented colours
Light fast
Can be used wet or dry
4.4 mm diameter lead
Artist Quality

Additional information


titanium white, ivory, grey white, lemon yellow, middle lemon, neutral yellow, orange yellow, indian yellow, orange, middle orange, orange red, vermilion, red tone, carmine red, middle carmine red, deep carmine red, purple, magenta, light violet, deep violet, prussian blue, parisian blue, ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, middle ultramarine blue, light ultramarine blue, sky blue, cyan blue, sky blue green, turquoise blue, light viridian, permanent green, emerald green, light permanent green, light emerald green, pale leaf green, light leaf green, light olive green, olive green, matt viridian, deep leaf green, verona earth green, light verona earth green, earth green, deep umber green, raw umber, dark ochre, burnt ochre, burnt umber, bistre, caput mortuum violet, middle caput motuum violet, light caput mortuum violet, caput mortuum red, middle caput mortuum red, deep English red, middle English red, burnt Sienna, french red ochre, dark flesh tint, light flesh tint, Sienna, golden ochre, light golden ochre, naples yellow, grey 1, grey 2, grey 3, warm grey 4, warm grey 5, cold grey 1, cold grey 2, cold grey 3, cold grey 4, cold grey 5, neutal black, lamp black, paynes grey