Enver Gürsev

‘Varosia IX’
Oil on Canvas
90 x 110 cm

‘Matter of Time’
17 – 23 February 2020

In these landscapes the artist draws on his own experiences, referencing his own sources from his place of birth and ancestral home. He obsessively observes monoliths and beauty in decay from ghost towns to abandoned spaces, finding quiet beauty in the faded half lit world of doubt whilst questioning what is and what could have been?  It is about memory; perceived, half remembered and assumed, building on the resonant epitaphs of meaning in childhood experience. It is also exploring the fragile and ephemeral nature of culture and the people that live it and make it.  Everything about this work is multi-faceted; nothing is as it seems on first inspection.  It straddles two worlds, neither here nor there, swirling in a netherworld of capriciousness where sentimentality is greatly exaggerated, causing a serene smouldering melancholy to enthuse the work.

Enver Gürsev is a professional artist, working primarily as a painter and sculptor. 
Born in London 1968, he has a very long and diverse experience working within the arts.  As a fledgling artist he was mentored by the late Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, after which he went on to graduate from Camberwell College of Arts.  He has since exhibited extensively and worked in collaboration with other artists nationally and internationally.  

Enver was recently awarded the prestigious ‘Centenary Collection’ and ‘Project Delphi’ artwork commissions from BP Shipping, for both of which, he was lead artist and project manager.

Enver is currently an associate lecturer at Chelsea College of Arts and Central Saint Martins, UAL.