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Diana Mercado

Diana Mercado is an Ecuadorian oil painter living in London and the US.

‘My paintings evolved from memories of my childhood in Ecuador. It was a
childhood where stories of superstitions, spirits, ghosts and water always
surrounded me. It was not unusual to walk our gardens and imagine elves and
fairies that might inhabit the luscious walks, full of ferns, hydrangeas
and the water lilies of our pond.  It made me believe such magical creatures
could only inhabit a world full of light and vibrant colour.’

The memories travelled with me to New York and later to London, where I
worked on “Amapolas.” When it came to finding inspiration, I relied heavily
on those childhood memories, remembering the feeling of awe in nature but
most of all its treasured peaceful calm. The woman immersed in the pond is
by no means trapped in the water, she’s embraced by it and has become a part
of it by giving herself completely to the absolute purity of the natural
habitat. It is a mystery to the viewer whether she’s Nature herself,
admiring the beauty of her creation or perhaps a nymph taking in a moment
of drowsy oblivion. Regardless, the feeling is of powerful but quiet
celebration. This woman has come far, travelled long and for a short while
she’s enjoying a moment of meditation.’