David Barraclough

1st – 3rd April 2020
Private View 2nd April 6.30pm – 8.30pm

David Barraclough’s paintings communicate a fascination with the movement of light and colour in the natural world. Never without a sketchbook – David has been painting and drawing his entire life and is a master draughtsman and colourist. Through years of intense observation he has captured and distilled the vivid brightness and bustling life of the English landscape. Light seems to be escaping from the surface of his paintings. The bold fragmented brushwork gives a sense of urgency – the artist catching the fleeting moments of light and shadow; this time, this place – the rushing of the wind, the shimmering light, the unceasing flow of time. All of these are caught in these familiar, yet startlingly beautiful renderings of the natural world‘.

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