Natalie Dower

Square Root Rectangle Invasion (2014)
Oil on Canvas, 58.5 x 83cm
Copyright: Natalie Dower
Courtesy Eagle Gallery / EMH Arts, London



Exhibition runs from 19th January to 28th January 2019 

Natalie Dower’s art combines order with chance and intellectual clarity with lyricism.

For over forty years her work has explored the beauty of geometry as the starting point for elegant, abstract paintings and sculptures that have been exhibited in the UK, USA and Europe, since the late 1970s.

Aligned to many of the British systems artists, Dower has followed an individual path. Her painting is distinguished by its sophisticated plays with colour and mark-making within a formal framework that is derived from mathematical constructivism. Her solo exhibition at Green and Stone draws from through-out her career, presenting recent work alongside paintings from the 1980s, revealing the delightful variety of images that can be developed from the knowledge that ‘all nature – from the spiralling mechanics of the galaxies to the growth of a snail’s shell and the branching of a plum tree – is governed by mathematical rules.’ (Mel Gooding: Line of Enquiry, published EMH Arts, 2012)

Dower’s paintings have been shown at the Hayward Gallery, Riverside Studios, Réalités Nouvelles, and Air Gallery, with solo exhibitions at Francis Graham Dixon, Jonathan Clark and the Eagle Gallery, London, amongst others. Her work is held in the collections of the Arts Council; Arthur Andersen & Co; Government Art Collection; Mondriaanhuis, Holland; and Warwick University.

Natalie Dower is represented by Eagle Gallery / EMH Arts, London