Michelle Pearson Cooper’s ‘Cheetah’ Raffle



It’s easiest to call us on 0207 352 6521 to buy tickets over the phone but should you wish to do this online please follow these instructions.


Login to your paypal account. Then click on the heading ‘send/request’.

This will navigate you to the send money page. Here please type in our email mail@greenandstone.com Type in the amount. Each ticket costs £25 for Michelle Pearson Cooper’s ‘Cheetah’. You can buy multiples in one go. For instance, to buy 10 of Michelle Pearson Cooper’s please put the amount of £250.00.

Please make sure you ‘add a note’ in the box below the amount and put a telephone number and any other information that you’d like to provide such as an address. Please also tell us that the money is for the Michelle Pearson Cooper’s ‘Cheetah’ raffle.