Bridgeman Editions

13th – 19th March 2019

Bridgeman Editions is proud to present Multiples, a group exhibition of limited edition prints by both emerging and established contemporary artists. Exploring the different techniques of printmaking from silkscreens, etchings, linocuts to lithography and woodcuts.

Throughout the history of art printmaking has been a fundamental discipline of artistic practice, from Turner to Hogarth, Durer to Goya and Warhol to Hockney – printmaking has made art accessible. Many forms of printmaking involve drawing or painting onto a plate to produce a matrix and then producing prints from that matrix by mechanical processes. One might be sceptical about the artistic significance of such prints, on the basis that only the process of drawing or painting the matrix enables printmakers to exercise intentional control over the features of the resultant prints. This might lead one to think that such forms of printmaking lack artistic significance independent of drawing and painting. In today’s digital age the importance of printmaking as an art form is indisputable, and this exhibition aims to highlight the beauty in printmaking in all its different guises.

This exhibition brings together 4 new works by the Pop artist Patrick Hughes from his Rainbow series, which in the 1970s Hughes’ name became synonymous with, clashing beautifully with the iconic 1969 UFO silkscreen poster by the psychedelic artistic duo HAPSHASH (Nigel Waymouth & Michael English). Whilst Henry Hudson’s psychedelic jungle prints contrast beautifully to the Hockney-esque screenprints of Christabel Blackburn, which in turn bounce off the bold tribal screenprints of Bam Bam.

Tom Hammick’s wood block print Andrez Cabin, creates a distorted and dream-like world with his surprising yet effective colour pairings and simplistic backdrops. This work was specially commissioned to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the NHS, and is displayed in conjunction with portfolio of works entitled Turkish Tulips commissioned by the artist Gavin Turk. Turkish Tulips features a range of limited edition prints by artists including Sir Peter Blake, Yinka Shonibare, Damien Hirst, Cornelia Parker, Fiona Banner, Nancy Fouts and Mat Collishaw.

Published by the Paupers Press is the Bridgeman Folio celebrating lithography and the bringing together the work of 6 acclaimed Royal Academicians Eileen Cooper RA, Cathie Pilkington RA, Stephen Farthing RA, Bill Jacklin RA, Vanessa Jackson RA, and Paul Huxley RA.

Multiples is an assault on the senses through the language of printmaking.