Liquitex Texture Gels


237ml pot.  A selection of gels which create different effects.

Natural Sand – A fine textured gel that dries to the appearance of glossy beach sand. Mix with other gels to create customized surfaces. An excellent choice to add a bit of “tooth” to an under-painting.

Resin Sand – A thick, coarse gel that dries to a semi-gloss texture similar to rough cement. Mix with Black Lava and Ceramic Stucco to create an absorbent, granite like surface that is very receptive to soft body

Blended Fibres – Great for adding texture and body to painted forms. This thick opaque gel, when dry, will give the effect of flexible fibres with a matt sheen. It holds unusual peaks and knife strokes when mixed with colour.

Glass Beads – A medium body gel that contains clear round plastic beads and dries to a semi-gloss surface. Perfect for creating a “bubbly” but smooth texture that can be dramatic when mixed with colour. When poured it creates a flexible film for a wide variety of applications. works well as a surface to paint over with colour. Can be used under oil or acrylic.

Black Lava -A clear gel speckled with small black particles that adds an innovative dimension to paint surfaces. Gives dramatic effects when mixed with transparent, translucent or interference colours and can be used to darken values in a picture. Try over painting dry acrylic colour for additional effects.

White Opaque Flakes – A heavy, coarse gel containing irregular sized and shaped white opaque flakes. May be used to create foliage effects in landscapes by mixing with opaque colour or glazing over when dry. Has a similar effect of snow flakes.

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Blended Fibres Ceramic Stucco Natural Sand Resin Sand Black Lava Glass Beads White Opaque Flakes

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118ml, 237ml, 473ml