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Watercolour Sheets


Watercolour papers


Watercolour Paper Sample Pack

Green and Stone | 9 sheets. One each of Arches: H.P, Not, Rough, Fabriano Artistico: H.P, Not, Rough, Saunders Waterford: H.P, Not, Rough. Sheet size approx: 38 x 28cm.
Please check for availability.
Hot Press Watercolour | Papers (Particularly suitable for Botanical Illustration) Contains 2 sheets each of Arches, Fabriano Artistico, Fabriano Artistico Extra White, Saunders Waterford. Sheet size approx: 38 x 28cm.
Please check for availability.


100% cotton rag, 4 deckle edges, acid free, very strong & recommended for water colour, gouache, acrylics & inks.

Available in: Rough, Not (cold pressed), Hot Pressed.
Rough, Not or Hot Press185gsm 56 x 76cm4.35
Rough, Not or Hot Press300gsm 56 x 76cm6.85
Rough or Not640gsm 56 x 76cm14.00
Rough or Not850gsm 56 x 76cm18.35
Rough or Not640gsm 75 x 105cm25.70
Hot Press356gsm 65 x 102cm12.10
Roll | Available in HP, Not, or Rough. Subject to availability (special order)300gsm 113 x 915cm154.30

Fabriano Artistico

Acid free, 100% cotton rag, mould made, 2 deckle edges.

Traditional White shade available in all surfaces and weights. New Extra white shade available in selected surfaces and weights.

Rough | Traditional White shade only200gsm 56 x 76cm2.95
Cp/Hp | Traditional white shade only200gsm 56 x 76cm2.95
Rough | Traditional White or Extra White shade300gsm 56 x 76cm4.40
Cp/Hp | Traditional White or Extra White Shade300gsm 56 x 76cm4.40
Rough, Not (cold pressed), Hot Pressed | Rough & Not Traditional White shade only. Hot Pressed Traditional White or Extra White shade640gsm 56 x 76cm9.75

Saunders Waterford

100% rag cotton, gelatin tub sized, acid free, mould made with 4 deckle edges. Rough, Not (cold pressed), Hot Pressed. 
190gsm 56 x 76cm3.05
300gsm 56 x 76cm4.80
425gsm 56 x 76cm7.05


Watercolour & drawing cartridge, wood free, acid free, internally sized & trimmed edges. Not (cold pressed) surface only. 56 x 76cm. 

Bockingford Rolls

1.52 x 10m. Special order only. 
1.52 x 10m190gsm92.15
1.52 x 10m300gsm130.25

Bockingford Tinted

Cream, Blue, Eggshell, Grey & Oatmeal. Not surface. 56x76cm.300gsm2.75

Ruscombe Mill Watercolour Papers

Green & Stone now stock a selection of handmade papers from Ruscombe paper mill in France. All papers are made using traditional methods & come in subtely tinted traditional shades. Handmade Drawing paper is listed in the Drawing Paper Sheets section of our website.PPHMRM.jpg

Ruscombe Mill Turners Blue

Handmade, traditional gelatine sized watercolour paper, 4 deckle edges, muted blue in colour with flecks.240gsm 
38 x 52cm11.25
56 x 76cm18.75

Ruscombe Mill Turner Nocturne

Handmade, traditional gelatine sized watercolour paper, 4 deckle edges.240gsm,  
38 x 52cm11.00
56 x 76cm22.00

Ruscombe Mill Whistlers Olive

Handmade, traditional gelatine sized watercolour paper, 4 deckle edges, olive green in colour200gsm, 56 x 76cm14.10

Watercolour Pads


Watercolour pads


Vintage Handmade paper pad

100% cotton rag paper
20 sheets of 150gsm NOT surface handmade paper - produced before 1965 in Somerset, England.
15cm x 21 cm10.60

300gsm Arches Gummed Watercolour Block

300gsm, 20 Sheets. Gummed 4 Sides, 100% Rag Cotton, Gelatine Tub Sized, Neutral Ph, Rough, Not & Hot Press Surface
18 x 26cm32.95
23 x 31cm40.65
26 x 36cm47.25
31 x 41cm62.15
36 x 51cm78.90
46 x 61cm102.85

Arches Aquarelle Travel Books

300gsm, 15 sheets. Not (cold pressed) surface.
15 x 25cm11.85

Daler Langton Watercolour Spiral Pads

300gsm, 12 sheets. Spiral bound, acid free, NOT surface 
7" x 5"17.8 x 12.7cm7.50
10" x 7"25.4 x 17.8cm9.50
12" x 9"30.5 x 22.9cm12.50
14" x 10"35.5 x 45.7cm15.25
16" x 12"40.6 x 30.5cm17.50
20" x 16"50.8 x 40.6cm28.95

Daler Langton 200lb Watercolour Spiral Pad

425gsm, 12 sheets, spiral bound, acid free, NOT surface. Heavyeight watercolour paper
12" x 9"30.5 x 22.9cm14.25
14" x 10"35.5 x 45.7cm18.25
16" x 12"40.6 x 30.5cm21.50

Daler Langton Watercolour Pad

300gsm, 12 sheets. Acid free, NOT surface. 
Watercolour Postcard Pad | Printed as a postcard on the reverseA65.50

Daler Langton Hot Pressed Watercolour Pad

300gsm, 12 sheets, acid free, HOT PRESSED surface. Smooth paper ideal for detail
10" x 7"30.5 x 22.9cm8.75
12" x 9"40.6 x 30.5cm11.95
14" x 10"35.5 x 25.3cm13.50
16" x 12"40.5 x 30.5cm17.95

Daler Langton Spiral Pad-Rough

12 Sheets, 300gsm (140lbs) 
10" x 7"25.4 x 17.8cm9.50
12" X 9"30.5 X 22.9CM12.50
16" X 12"40.6 X 30.5cm17.50
20" x 16"50.8 x 40.6cm28.95

Daler Langton Pad-Rough

12 sheets, 300gsm (140lbs). Gummed on short edge. Blue cover. 

Bockingford Glued Pad

300gsm, 12 sheets. Glued on long edge. Mould-made, woodfree, internally sized, Acid free. Available in either Hot Press, Not or Rough surface. 
13 x 18cm5.95
18 x 26cm8.30
21 x 29.7cm - A410.15
23 x 31cm10.80
26 x 36cm12.95
29.7 x 42cm - A317.30
31 x 41cm16.65

Bockingford Spiral Pad

300gsm , 12 sheets. Mould made, woodfree, internally sized, Acid free. Spiral bound short edge. HP, Not and Rough surfaces available. 
13 x 18cm6.75
18 x 26cm9.10
21 x 29.7cm - A410.95
23 x 31cm11.50
26 x 36cm14.25
29.7 x 42cm - A317.80
31 x 41cm17.70

Green & Stone Watercolour Scape Pad

300gsm, 25 sheets. Spiral bound, Saunders Waterford paper, acid free, Not surface. Extra-long shape for landscape painting. Printed cover fly sheet with rigid plain black top board & grey board backing
11 x 28cm12.75

Bockingford Fat Pad

300gsam , 25 sheets. HP, Not or Extra Rough surface, spiral bound. Printed cover fly-sheet with rigid plain black top board & greyboard backing.
19 x 28cm12.95
28 x 38cm20.70

Saunders Waterford Fat Pad

300gsm , 25 sheets. Hot Press, Not and Rough surface, 1 or 2 deckle edges, spiral bound. Printed cover fly-sheet with rigid plain black top board & greyboard backing. 
19 x 28cm21.40
28 x 38cm41.70

Fabriano Classico 5 Fat Pad

300gsm. 25 sheets. Satinata (Hot Press) surface, spiral bound on short edge. Paper is 50% cotton, acid free. Printed cover fly sheet with plain black top board & greyboard backing.
14.8 x 21cm11.75
21 x 29.7cm21.35
29.7 x 42cm34.15

Fabriano Artistico Blocks

300gsm Mould made, 100% cotton, acid free. Glued 4 edges. Available in Traditional white shade or Extra white. Available in Satinata (HP), Fina (Not) & Grossa (Rough) surfaces 
25 sheets per block12.5 x 18cm16.60
20 sheets per block30.5 x 45.5cm45.15

Fabriano Watercolour Postcard Pad

300gsm, 20 sheets. Not(cold pressed). Acid free. Glued on long edge. Standard postcard format is printed on the reverse of each sheet.  
10.5 x 14.8cm7.75

Sennelier Panoramic Block

24.5 x 10.5cm14.95

Green & Stone Fabriano 5 Smooth Watercolour Paper

300gsm, 10 sheets, acid free
A4 - 21 x 29.7cm8.30

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