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Sketching & Box Easels

All the Sketching easels are designed for working outside and can be easily carried. They all fold down and usually have a carrying bag or integral carrying handle or strap. Carrying bags can be bought separately.

The aluminium easels are by far the lightest but heavyweight wooden easels are available for

Sketching easels can also provide an economical choice for a home easel or where space is at a premium.

There easy portability also makes them an ideal choice for non permanent display use.

Metal Sketching Easels


Winsor & Newton Bristol Easel

Black aluminium folding easel. Very stable, lightweight and compact design. Telescopic leg adjustment. Price includes hard shell black carrying case with handle and shoulder strap.


Weight : 0.95kg, Folded size : 66x10x9cm, Max canvas height : 137cm, Max base width/depth : 135x96.590.00

Winsor & Newton Watercolour Bristol Easel

Similar to Bristol easel but with attachment that tilts for watercolouring. Special order only..

Special Offer Price 57.60


Simply Daler Rowney Easel


Jakar Black Aluminium Sketching Easel

with bagFolded size : 58x10x5cm, Max canvas height : 80cm48.00

Fome Aluminium Easel

Folding aluminium easel, lightweight and strong. Reversible rubber feet double as a ground spike for outdoor work. Photographic tripod type twist lock provides fixing for the telescopic legs and grip type lever allows for positioning to suit both oil and watercolour painting. Part black finish.
Weight : 1.2kg, Folded size : 7.5 x 9.5 x 88.5cm, Max canvas: 140cm97.65

Wooden sketching easels


Daler Rowney St. Pauls Easel


Weight : 1.6kg, Folded size :83.8x12.8x7.6cm, Max canvas height : 68.5cm63.00

Mabef M29 Sketching Easel

Easel made from oiled beech wood, suitable for oil and watercolour painting. A single wing nut adjusts the rake for any painting angle. Well designed allowing for painting smaller canvases at a raised height.Weight : 1.5kg, Overall height : 185cm, Max canvas height : 115cm62.00

Oak Folding Easel

Hand made in England.
link to more images
H 136cm
W 60cm
D 87.5cm

Winsor & Newton Dart Sketching Easel


Heavyweight wooden sketching easels


Mabef Giant Sketching Easel M/32

Very substantial folding easel. Features a tilting facility for adjustable working angles. Carrying handle on side of easel. Weight : 4kg, Height : 268cm, Max canvas height : 200cm135.00

Box easels


Mabef Large Box Easel M/22

This model, made from seasoned beech wood, folds down to a box shape for transportation and features a carrying handle. It is the ideal easel for both studio and location painting. The box contains a wooden palette and metal storage tray for colours, brushes etc. Can also be used as a table easel.
Overall height : 183cm, Max canvas height : 87cm, Weight : 6.0kg, Folded size : 51x30cm295.00

Mabef Small Box Easel M/23

Made of oiled beech wood it has a tin-lined drawer with three compartments and a folding palette. In addition to a leather padded carrying handle, it has an adjustable leather shoulder strap for back packing. Ideal for travelling.
Height : 185cm, Max canvas height : 85cm, Weight : 4.5kg, Folded size : 51x20cm285.00

Easel carrying bags

For carrying Daler Rowney and Winsor & Newton metal easels and small wooden sketching easels. 

Daler Rowney Pod Bag

This easel bag features two large side pockets which can carry materials and your easel in one solution. Made from dark green woven nylon, this bag is extremely light and durable94x12.5cm16.25

Julian Artist Satchel


Seat easels


Frank Herring Seat Easel

Lightweight metal folding easel incorporating a canvas seat. Work position can be chosen between flat and 45 degree angle. Colour and fabric of canvas seat subject to change.

Please check for availability

Weight : 2.27kg, Folded size : 79x35.5x11cm, Seat height : 46cm, Max canvas : 49.5cm123.50

Frank Herring Easel Extension Bar

Lightweight extension bar to fit Herring Versatile or Seat Easel. Extends max canvas height. 
length 12"20.00
length 18"25.00

Portable stools & chairs



Herring Economy stool

Lightweight aluminium folding stool with green canvas seat (No bottom bar). Weight approx. 600g.

Please check for availability

18herreco.jpg 18"Height: 46cm33.50

Herring Artist Stool

Lightweight aluminium folding stool with green canvas seat and bottom bar. Two heights.

Please check for availability

16herrart.jpg Bottom bar. Weight 710kgHeight : 40cm35.00
18herrart.jpg With bottom bar.

Please check for availability

Height : 46cm41.00

Herring Artist Stool with back

Please check for availability

16herrbac.jpg Weight 835g, 16"Height : 40cm53.50
18herrbac.jpg 18"

Please check for availabilty

Height: 46cm61.00

Mabef Tripod Stool

Folding stool with three wooden legs and leather seat
Weight : 1kg, Height : 49.5cm, Width : 35cm51.95

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